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#this is so pretty.......... :o
#five centimeters per second
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#i hope this makes sense and helps a little bit at least!! if it didn't or youre still feeling unsure about some fins
#id be super glad to help again!!!! c:
#yumo glubs
#take care of yourself! you can do this!!
#my name is yumo and i am very excited about schooln friends n cute ppl
#food mention //
#i think a lil bit...
Anonymous sent: I'm having a really hard time getting motivated for school and you seem like you're good at motivation so... can you help me? Sorry if this is weird but yeahyajenah (^^;;

hi anon!!! image

this isn’t weird at all !! i’m always super super happy to help out especially with motivation!!! i’ll put my answer under a cut so i don’t glub up everyone’s dashes too much wehehe ;;; 

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#yumo glubs
#food mention //
#under the cut uvu!!!!!!!
good day!!!

today has been rlly nice so far!!!  i had a really funky dream last night but at least there was water in it..! wehehehehe ;; anyway!! i hope you all have a super duper week!!!! take care of yourselves!!! 

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Artist: Perfume
Track: "だいじょばない"
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#waaaaaaa thats rlly pretty..
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#five centimeters per second
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#!!!! love that style..

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#idk what this is from but it's very pink
#cute stuff
#weheheheh ;; i
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#waaaaaaa still cant get over how nice and cute ppl are whwhhwh ;; w ;;''''
#ive been feeling a little insecure about art since that last draw so this was honestly so so so lovely ; v ;
#i feel much better now!! onwards !!!
#thank you again anon!!! !! ur a star!! or a peach
#perhaps a star peach
#that sounds delicious
#sadly it is past my bedtime and i cannot go eat a peach
#food mention //
#im srry for rambling so much om g ;;;;
Anonymous sent: your art is breathtaking!

aaaa!! but this time it’s dolphinitely you who’s taking away the breath from me!! thank you so much!!! you’re super and sweet for sending this!!! i hope you have an amazing week!! image

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